REVERIES DE BILITIS (Brilliant Classics)

A sensuous recital of rare repertoire by an anniversary composer for the unusual combination of female voice and two harps.

Writing in the booklet about this unique recital on record, Eva Tebbe and Ekaterina Levental remark that Debussy makes the invisible visible and turns the unspeakable into a musical world full of mysticism, layers of ambiguity and evocative meanings. A century after his death, he is being celebrated across the world in 2018, and this album promises to make a special contribution on record with arrangements of works, most of them relatively unfamiliar, which particularly lend themselves to the ethereal and exquisite combination of voice and harps.


Ekaterina Levental sings music by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Peter Tchaikvsky and Modest Moussorgsky. The pianist is Maurice Lammerts van Bueren. This CD is chosen as ‘CD of the week’ by Radio 4 in oktober 2017. The CD is released in september 2017.
In de pers:
“…door merg en been gaande vertolking van Moesorgski’s huiveringwekkende Liederen en dansen van de dood” (Opus Klassiek)
“…Levental is een veelzijdig kunstenaar met een krachtig stemgeluid” (NRC)
“… Met Maurice Lammerts van Bueren aan de vleugel klinkt hier een volop bezielde stem die getuigt van haar liefde voor deze liederen. Geen overdrijving, geen opsmuk maar eerlijke vertolkingen. Bij Moussorgsky acteert ze bovendien met wisselende emoties…” (Noord-Hollands Dagblad)
“…Met een mooie, krachtige stem waarin het Slavische karakter sporen naliet is Levental een ideale vertolkster van dit moois. Ze kan heel expressief en gevoelig voordragen zoals in Tchaikovsky’s en Rachmaninovs Wiegenliederen, maar ook heel heldhaftig en assertief zoals in de laatste brokken van Moesorgsky…” (Musicalifeiten)

“…Daar waar de meeste vertolkers het lied als een timide fluisterverzoek inzetten, zet Levental haar stembanden open in een soort pijnlijke schreeuw om aandacht. Daar voel je je ongemakkelijk bij en dat is denk ik ook de bedoeling.Dat ongemakkelijke gevoel blijf ik de hele recital houden: ik ken de liederen heel erg goed en toch is het alsof ik ze nu voor het eerst hoor. Dat noem ik werkelijk grote kunst…
Niet te missen…”(Basia Jaworski, Basia con fuoco)

Recensie Klassieke Zaken, januari 2018

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L’HEURE ESPAGNOLE (Brilliant Classics Art. 9210)

Music by Maurice Ravel (Introduction et Allegro), Xavier Montsalvatge (Cinco Canciones Negras), Enrique Granados (Valses Poéticos) and Manuel De Falla (Siete Canciones Populares Espagnolas).

Arrangements for mezzo soprano and two harps by Duo Bilitis, Carlos Salzedo, Ekaterina Levental and Eva Tebbe.

“This known repertoire starting a new life with a touch of recognition as well as estrangement: it’s wonderful.” -Lex Bohlmeijer-


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LE JARDIN FEERIQUE (Brilliant Classics Art. 8895)

Music by Claude Debussy (Children’s Corner), Maurice Ravel (Ma Mere L’Oye), Gabriel Fauré (Dolly Suite) , Cesar Franck (Prelude, Fugue et Variations).

Arrangements for two harps by Eef van Breen, Eva Tebbe, Dewey Owen and John Escosa.


French (piano) music makes quite suitable arrangements for the harp, and even better for two harps. Their refined sound combined with both clarity and a certain opaqueness makes them an ideal vehicle for the ‘typically French’ atmosphere.

This duo of young Dutch harp players has chosen a program of well-known French piano repertoire, partly for four hands. It consists of arrangements of Debussy’s Children’s Corner, Fauré’s Dolly Suite and of parts Ravel’s Ma mère l’Oye, together with Franck’s Prelude, fugue and variations.

Both harpists, Ekaterina Levental and Eva Tebbe, prove their point convincingly. This music suits the harps to the bone, and both musicians play their instruments with all the necessary charm and intensity. The result is a delightful CD with well-known music in a different attire.

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Ekaterina Levental sings the role of Melike in this opera.

Say I am You (2012), a world premiere co-production between IKSV and Rotterdam Operadagen presented by the Istanbul Music Festival, is a contemporary opera by Michael Ellison. It dramatically traces the story of the transformation of Jelaluddin Rumi (Mevlâna) from ordinary scholar to ecstatic mystic at the hands of wandering dervish Shams-i Tabriz.

The music of Michael Ellison defies categorisation, seamlessly integrating contemporary and classical sensibilities with traditional influences into a unique and personal idiom. Described as “beautifully crafted, robust and absorbing” by American Record Guide, Ellison’s is a music of colour and contrast, evocative atmosphere and emotional breadth.

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Inspired by a broad range of musical genres that span classical, Latin, jazz and traditional folkloric music from his native Brazil, Raimundo Penaforte has appeared nationally and internationally as a composer and performer. His works have been performed in Europe, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and the United States at such venues as Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro, Concertgebow, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The White House and The Kennedy Center. Valerius Ensemble has recorded a full CD featuring Penaforte’s works titled Raimundo Penaforte: Between Sun and Snow.

The Valerius Ensemble, founded in 1988, is a chamber music ensemble based around a group of musicians most of whom are also members of the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra.

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Tonen van Vrijhijd (WedgeView Music Enterprises WVM 200801)

This CD is a coo-production with the organization UAF (University Assistance Fund). Orion Ensemble brings their own arrangements and accompanies 6 soloists from different nationalities.

Ekaterina Levental sings the songs by Mikhail Glinka.

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